Level Designer


  1. Take ownership for design in a breakthough VR project all the way from a paper design to a shipping product, iterating over time based on feedback, creative goals, and project deadlines.
  2. Prototype, iterate, and polish experiences while working with designers, artists, and other disciplines to ensure quality product
  3. Mentorship and sharing of expertise with junior level designers and other design staff.


Essential Skills: 

  1. 5+ years game design experience
  2. Passion in VR project and innovative game design
  3. Understanding of VR level design practices, including layout, pacing, technical implementation
  4. Previously involved in VR or shipped titles on PC, Xbox or PlayStation
  5. English speaker
  6. Moderate scripting ability


Bonus Qualifications: 

  1. VR experience is a plus
  2. Currently living in Shanghai and Chinese language skill is also a plus
  3. Experience in Unreal blueprints is a plus


Join us: Jobs@ctrlpurple.com